PPT Full Form

What is the PPT Full Form?

PPT – PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation is the full form of PPT. It is created by Robert Gaskins & Dennis Austin in a Software Company and it released on 20 April 1987, initially for Macintosh computers only. PPT is a presentation program, the file format used by Microsoft PowerPoint. PPT used for popular presentation ceremonies and education slide shows.

The PPT files contain all the text images videos & audio in the presentation. You can easily explain what you want to say someone by making a presentation, it is very useful and the audience can focus on it. Powerpoint allows you to use audio, image, and video to impact your presentation.  

PPT Full Form in Hindi

PPT Hindi Full Form – “प्रस्तुत करना”/ “पेश करना”

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation(PPT)

  • Slide shows a presentation.
  • Start selecting by a blank presentation in PowerPoint
  • Select the title option
  • Type in your title and subtitle
  • Select your background for the entire presentation
  • Add a new slide

These steps are used for making a presentation. PPT is very important for the working area it can easily connect with boss and employees. PPT is a very easy way to explain whatever you want to say someone if your PPT is very attractive than the audience never will forget your presentation. Most of the companies and education filed used PPT slide shows.

List of languages Used in PPT

American, Latin, Bangla(Bangladesh), Bangla( Bangli India), Chinese, Danish, Dari, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Greek, English, Hindi, German, Wolof, Welsh, etc.

Types of Presentation in the Business Area

  • Informative – to inform audience basic information
  • Instructional – to instruct audience all the instructions
  • To Persuade – in which presentation purpose to sale and convince the audience that the product to good
  • Decision Making – this type of presentation helps the audience to take a decision for the company

What is a Good Presentation?

  • A good presentation contains images, graphics that it can easy to remember.
  • Connect with your audience showing your passion.
  • A good presentation has to stories and connects with people in emotionally

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