WWW Full Form

WWW Full Form

WWW : World Wide Web

What is the Full Form of WWW?

WWW stands for World Wide Web. It is created by Tim Berners-lee, a British scientist in 1989. WWW is a network of computers that connected and share information and communication around the world. It is another way to describe the internet. WWW is an internet-based system. The major service of the world’s largest online shopping mall and commentary and news. The hyperlink is the heart of the web, it contains each page to each other by address. Everything it is online about www is about directly and indirectly. WWW, we can purchase & sell anything and we can find News from all over the world.

Benefits of WWW (World Wide Web)

  • Purchase and sale
  • Business all over the world
  • By using data you can use web
  • Information can share by it
  • You can text, video call, and share images or mail throw it
  • Education is available on the web

Disadvantage of WWW (World Wide Web)

  • Your personal information like age, images, name, school, address, etc
  • Someone can hack your device and put on the virus
  • People can cyber-bully you and you don’t know.
  • Your most informations online the risk of identity theft increases.

Importance of WWW (World Wide Web)

World Wide Web is the most important thing, without www we can’t connect with each other. In the past, people could not do business online because there is no internet. In this modern time you no need to go anywhere you can work in your home & city by using the internet.

The Internet can make your life easy. You can find anything on the internet. We can see what is going on in the distance on the internet. It is a great achievement to innovate www. You can purchase groceries, clothes, furniture, tools, etc. In this world everything is linkage. By the linkage of www, you can anything in the age.

There is no double to say that the world wide web is an amazing innovation that ranks the world. We are thankful to the developer of www.

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